Delft Blue

Delft Blue pottery is the most appreciated Dutch souvenir you can buy. Delft Blue is deeply rooted in Dutch culture and history. Delft Blue is a symbol of national pride for the Dutch. Many souvenirs are therefore made in the colours blue and white.

Delft Blue • Souvenirs from Holland

Delft Blue

<p>Wall Plates and Appliques in Delft Blue or Polychrome. Appliques available in: - 3 different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) - Flower or Landscape with Windmill - Horizontal or Vertical layout</p>
<p>Delft Blue Collectable Amsterdam Canal Houses in various sizes.</p>
<p>Delft Blue Christmas Ornaments for your Christmas Tree like balls, drip balls, bells, angels and many other figurines.</p>
<p>Cups, Mugs and Shooters</p>
<p>Delft Blue plant and flower pots for small plants.</p> <p>The pot with windmill is also ideal for growing cress for example.</p>
<p>Various Delft Blue and Green/Blue Tulip vases in Flower and Landscape with Windmill design: - Flat heart-shaped tulip vases - Round tulip vases on smal legs - Rectangular tulip vases, also known as Brick - Larger 2- and 3 piece tulip vases</p>
<p>The world famous Dutch Kissing Couple in Delft Blue ceramic.</p> <p></p> <p>The perfect small wedding gift! </p>
<p>Luxurious round, square and rectangular Mirror Boxes in various Delft Blue designs.</p>
<p>Delft Blue Storage Pots, Jars and small boxes which can be used to store jewelry, cookies, chocolates, cigarettes and so on.</p>
<p>Delft Blue Tableware like Salt and Pepper sets, Teapots, Cups with Saucer , Cream and Sugar set, Egg Cup Holder and so on.</p>
<p>Delft Blue ceramic tiles with Dutch Landscapes with Windmills, Amsterdam Canalhouses, Old Dutch Professions, Paintings of Old Dutch Masters, old sayings and so on.</p>
<p>Delft Blue night lights and wall lights for the kids bedroom. Available in for example Windmills, Canal Houses, Tulips, Clogs and so on. </p>

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