Tiles of typical Holland Sceneries with Windmills, Old Dutch Professions, Famous Painters, Amsterdam Canals in Delft Blue and color.

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<p>Delft Blue Tiles with images of Old Dutch Professions / Crafts performed during the Golden Age in Amsterdam.</p> <p>These images are created by Jan Luyken, a poet, painter and etcher from the 17th century. In his book "Het Menselyk Bedryf" (1694), Jan Luyken describes and shows with the help of these prints the various crafts during that time.</p>
<p>Delft Blue tiles of typical Dutch landscapes with windmills, Amsterdam canal houses and other interesting places in Holland like Anne Frank house and Dam square with the palace.</p> <p>These glazed Delft Blue tiles are made in Dutch potteries.</p>
<p>Colored Ceramic Tiles with typical Dutch Landscapes like Windmills, Tulips, Amsterdam Canal Houses and so on.</p> <p>Most sceneries and landscapes are created by the famous Dutch illustrator J.C. van Hunnik.</p>
Scenes of Typical Dutch Childs Play on Delft Blue ceramic tiles: Stick horse, rocking, play with marbles, bubble blowing, wrestling, stilts, hoops, whipping balls and so on. In total 30 different tiles, limited availability.
<p>Delft Blue ceramic tiles with funny inspirational Dutch proverbs, sayings and old wisdoms.</p> <p>This series of inspirational tiles are fun to give to someone, or to draw attention to something in a funny way.</p>
<p>Authentic Delft Blue and Polychrome Ceramic Tile Panels with various masterpieces of artists, landscapes and portraits.</p> <p></p> <p>Most Delft Blue tile panels consists of 6 ceramic tiles. Limited availability.</p>

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