Souvenirs and presents for kids and youngsters.

- Typical Dutch Night Lights to give more light in a toddlers room
- For girls a kind of Barbie doll with Dutch traditional costume: Doll Sandy.
- The youngsters can enjoy themselves with magic cubes, playing cards and puzzles with Dutch and Amsterdam sceneries.

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<p>Colored pencils including a sharpener in a Wooden Shoe - Clog.</p>
<p>Traditional Dutch Holland Costumes for boys and girls including head cap. These traditional costumes are still worn by many men and women in Volendam. Costumes are available in different sizes from 0-14 years. Matching wooden shoes and/or clog slippers are available separately.</p>
<p>Handmade Porcelain Doll wearing Traditional Holland costumes, trusty copies of the original costume.</p> <p></p> <p>These traditional costumes can still be found in villages like Volendam, Marken, Spakenburg, Urk and Hindelopen.</p>
<p>Jigsaw Puzzle of beautiful places in Amsterdam and Holland in different sizes/pieces. The Canal Houses are exact copies of the actual still existing houses on the Amsterdam Canals.</p>
<p>The Magic Cube. A unique photo cube with nine beautiful pictures.</p> <p>On each side of the cube a picture is displayed. By folding the cube in different ways three more panoramic pictures will be displayed.</p> <p>Great as souvenir or just a nice gift to give away.</p>
<p>Various money boxes - piggy banks in for example a real Dutch Wooden Shoe.</p>
<p>Typical Dutch ceramic souvenirs like Deflt Blue Windmills, Canal Houses, Milkmaids or Cup and Tea serve as a night light / wall light. Regular ceramic shaped night lights / wall lights are also available in Delft Blue or Color.</p>
<p>Playing cards are perfect for days with family or nights with friends. We have different sets of playing cards, for example sets with 54 scenic pictures of Amsterdam, Holland or colorful Tulips. But also regular cards with a Delft blue or tulips print at backside.</p>
<p><span style="color:#5d717e;">Do you remember these, a great present: Snow Globes!</span><br style="padding:0px;margin:0px;color:#5d717e;" /><br style="padding:0px;margin:0px;color:#5d717e;" /><span style="color:#5d717e;">Shake the Snow Globe several times and let it snow in the typical Holland Landscape with Windmill or along the Amsterdam Canals.</span></p>
<p>Wall clocks with happy cows</p>

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