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Delft Blue Tableware decorated Landscape decoration: - Teapot - Cup with Saucer - Creamer and Sugar set - Egg Cup Holder

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Kitchen & Tableware

<p>Delft blue beer mugs with a typical Dutch landscapes or Amsterdam Canal Houses. Available in different sizes.</p>
<p>Always have a bottle opener at hand, for example on a key chain or with magnets on the back.</p> <p>Bottle openers with magnets are easy to stick on the refrigerator.</p>
<p>Do you like Dutch cheese, then a typical Delft Blue cheese slicer is a must. </p> <p></p> <p>Available in different designs all packed in gift box.</p>
<p>Holland Coasters in various designs: Tulips, Windmills, Delft Blue and Amsterdam Canal Houses.</p>
<p>Amsterdam en Holland Mugs and Campmugs for Coffee, Tea or Milk.</p>
<p>Napkins and Napkin Holders both in Delft Blue or color design.</p>
<p>Salt and Pepper sets in typical Holland characters like Kissing Couples or Cows. Available in multi-color or as Delft Blue Delftware.</p>
<p>Shooter glasses to remember your stay in Holland or Amsterdam?</p>
<p>Delft Blue ceramic storage pots. Store your liquor in a Delft Blue delftware "jeneverkruik".</p>
<p>Tea Pots in Delft Blue and Cow designs.</p>
<p>Luxurious Delft Blue Teaspoons with Tulip, Windmill Decorations. Also available decorated with image of the Girl with the Pearl Earring as painted by Johannes Vermeer</p>
<p>Other items such as complete sets with wooden spatula, spoon and whisk in storage cow.</p>

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