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<p>Nice souvenirs for your house and garden.</p> <p>Brighten up your house with the nice window stickers, or give the birds a cozy nesting place in one of the cute bird houses. <br />The Delft Blue house numbers are also very nice!</p>
<p>If you look in large cities such as Amsterdam, you cannot ignore it, the Netherlands is a bicycle country. There are more bicycles than residents in whole of Holland!! A Dutch souvenir like a miniature bicycle is nice to have in your collection.</p>
<p>Holland Windmills are famous all over the world and more 1000 are still operating today! Now available a Windmill in a miniature landscape, delft blue delftware or as candlelight.</p>
<p>Tulips are typical Dutch flowers. In springtime  the bulb fields are blooming, which is a beautiful sight. A tulip souvenir is a must have!  A beautiful bunch of wooden tulips in a Dutch Delft Blue vase, a tulip keyring or tulip magnets are also very nice to give away.</p> <p></p>
<p>Authentic Wooden Shoes, a world famous souvenir from Holland.</p> <p>Available as souvenir, keychain, magnet or the real deal: your own Wearable Dutch Wooden Shoes. All in various colors and designs, take a look now!</p> <p>Did you know that many farmers in Holland still use Wooden Shoes today?</p>
<p>Various Delft Blue Delftware Christmas Holiday Ornaments like christmas balls, dripballs, bells and other figurines. Available in Delft Blue and Polychrome with different decorations. Also take a look at our authentic Top Quality M. de Wit handpainted Delftware. Tip! Special Christmas Edition of the famous Flat Flower Windowstickers.</p>
<p>Collection of Amsterdam Canal Houses in Delft Blue or Polychrome, small and large. Many houses have been copied based on real existing houses.</p> <p>Now also available the world famous KLM miniature houses.</p>
<p>A large assortment in various types of cheerful Socks, Bags, Caps and Scarves.</p> <p>The Volendammer traditional costumes for children are also very nice.</p>
<p>Dutch premium quality kitchen textiles with a Dutch print, like  ovengloves, aprons, potholders, kitchentowels.</p>
<p>Delft Blue Tableware decorated Landscape decoration: - Teapot - Cup with Saucer - Creamer and Sugar set - Egg Cup Holder</p>
<p>Souvenirs and presents for kids and youngsters.</p> <p>- Typical Dutch Night Lights to give more light in a toddlers room<br />- For girls a kind of Barbie doll with Dutch traditional costume: Doll Sandy.<br />- The youngsters can enjoy themselves with magic cubes, playing cards and puzzles with Dutch and Amsterdam sceneries.</p> <p></p>
<p>Various articles with cow decorations like, Salt &amp; Pepper, Money Box, Teapots and other tableware.</p>
Keychains with various typical Dutch signs like Wooden Shoes, Clogs, Windmills. Also have a look at the Textile keychains with sweet soft Teddby Bears or do you prefer some cool Sneakers?
<p>Refrigerator magnets are one of the most sold souvenirs all over the world. People who travel, buy fridge magnets for every visited country or city.</p> <p>Therefore we have a wide range of magnets, such as nice typical Amsterdam Canal Houses, Windmills, Wooden shoes, Dutch Paintings etc. Fridge magnets are also nice as a small gift for family and friends.</p> <p></p>
<p>Tiles of typical Holland Sceneries with Windmills, Old Dutch Professions, Famous Painters, Amsterdam Canals in Delft Blue and color.</p>
<p>Some souvenirs are difficult to categorize. This other category therefore contains special items, your souvenir gem might be among them.</p> <p>Think for example of beautiful art objects, snowballs, puzzles license plates or an ashtray.</p>

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