Around the House

Nice souvenirs for your house and garden.

Brighten up your house with the nice window stickers, or give the birds a cozy nesting place in one of the cute bird houses.
The Delft Blue house numbers are also very nice!

Around the House - Souvenirs • Souvenirs from Holland

Around the House

<p></p> <p>Traditional Dutch Birdhouses like traditional Zaanse Houses, Windmills and Amsterdam Canal Houses</p>
<p>Do you need a Vase for your fresh cut flowers or maybe a Tulip Vase specially for Tulips or any other suitable flower. </p> <p>- Flat heart-shaped tulip vases<br />- Round tulip vases on smal legs <br />- Rectangular tulip vases, also known as Brick <br />- Larger 2- and 3 piece tulip vases</p>
<p>Decorative wall plates from typical Holland sceneries made by Dutch artist J.C. van Hunnik.</p> <p>Available in Delft Blue and Polychrome and also as wall clocks.</p>
<p>With Flat Flowers you will always have a fresh bunch of flowers on your windowsill. Visible from both inside and outside.</p> <p>Flat Flowers are made of a static material, no adhesivesmeans you can use them over and over again. </p>
<p>A nice clock for on the wall? <br />Or a clock for on the cupboard? <br />Or a clock for the nursery? <br /><br />Enough choice!</p> <p></p>
<p>Delft Blue plant and flower pots for small plants.</p> <p>The pot with windmill is ideally suited for growing cress.</p>
<p>Typical Delft Blue Delfware and Cast Iron House Numbers</p>

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